Who we are

To impact the wellbeing of young people at risk of disengagement in Australia,
through best practice mentoring programs.



To create thriving communities by empowering our young people to become resilient, capable and connected.



In Australia, 1 in 6 people are aged 12-24
Young people in Australia experience poor outcomes in key areas
1 in 3 are without adequate work (ie either un- or under-employed)
Young people face unemployment rates at over twice that of the general population
1 in 10 are completely disengaged from education, employment and training
1 in 4 have a mental health condition
One quarter of young Australians are unhappy with their lives
Only 32% of young people will visit their School Counsellor
Australia has the fourth highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the western world
Suicide is the highest reason for death of young people



Compassionate – cultivating relationships based on trust, kindness and sincerity
Honest – being dedicated to consistency, integrity and accountability
Innovative – using fresh approaches which facilitate ongoing improvement
Respectful – supporting people to make their own positive choices and changes
Professional – providing high standards are personal, responsive and flexible
Youthful – motivating people to flourish using positivity, fun and enjoyment


Youth Safe, Youth Friendly

Raise Foundation is committed to being a Youth Safe, Youth Friendly organisation and will, for all children and young people who come into contact with its programs:

  • provide welcoming, safe and nurturing services for children
  • work to prevent child abuse and neglect within our services
  • appropriately and immediately address child abuse and neglect if it occurs
  • place the interests of any young person suffering harm, or at risk of harm, above the interests of any other individual or the organisation



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Philosophy and Industry Recognition


Raise Foundation is a registered Australian charity (with DGR Tier 1 Status) which contributes to the health and wellbeing of young people in our community. We are not affiliated with any religious or political organisations. Raise Foundation is a youth safe, youth friendly organisation.  Our funding comes from various areas including fundraising events, community grants, individual donations, corporate partnerships, and the NSW Government.  Raise endeavours to work in close partnership with other community, mentoring and youth programs to build positive alliances and healthy communities for our young people.


Download a copy of our Raise General Flyer

Download a copy of our Raise Strategic Plan


Industry Recognition

2018 – Our CEO was named the Australia Day Citizen of the Year for Mosman, and was a Finalist in the Blackmore’s Women + Wellbeing Awards

2017 – Raise corporate partners VM Ware and Pandora were selected as Finalists in the NSW Corporate Volunteer Team of the Year Awards.

2016 – Raise was a Finalist in the NSW Telstra Business Awards in the Charity category, we received three Finalist nominations in the NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards and our mentor, Chris Bond from Macquarie Group, was selected as the NSW Corporate Volunteer of the Year.

2015 – David Gonski AC agreed to become our Patron, selected as one of four contractors to deliver the Youth Frontiers program for the NSW Government across whole of NSW, our VIC Program Director presented on Evaluation at the Australian Youth Mentoring Network annual conference, and our group of mentors from First Solar were nominated for NSW Corporate Volunteer Team of the Year Award.

2014 – Raise Foundation won the Silver SWECO Award from the Australian Centre for the Leadership of Women for Sustaining Women’s Empowerment in Communities and Organisations, our long-time mentor Maureen Pollard won the NSW Mentor of the Year Award from the Australian Youth Mentoring Network, and our group of mentors from NAB were nominated for the NSW Corporate Volunteer Team of the Year Award.

2013 – Raise Foundation was chosen as a Finalist in the NSW Volunteer Awards, our Raise Team was nominated for a Pride of Australia Medal in the Community Spirit Category, and our CEO was chosen as a  NSW Finalist for the Pride of Australia Medal in the Inspiration category.

2012 – Raise Foundation received a 2012 Members of Parliament National Volunteer Award from The Hon Tony Abbott MP, who then become Prime Minister of Australia.

2010 – Raise Foundation received Business Achiever Awards –  Community Contribution of the Year and overall Best Community Service Non Profit Organisation.

Our People

At Raise, our extraordinary village wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the dedication and commitment of our inspiring and professional people.  Each of them bring different skills and knowledge to the Foundation, and we are grateful for their drive to impact the wellbeing of young people of Australia.  Raise operates with a variable workforce model which benefits our team with flexibility, and also ensures the donated dollar goes a long way in our organisation.  Our staff team are employed for between 5 and 35 hours per week mostly in school term time to deliver almost 90 programs nationally, with various other flexible roles across our group.  We are fortunate to have 1,000 active volunteer mentors every year who are instrumental in the delivery of our best practice programs.


The people in our village include our huge number of generous volunteer mentors from the community, our dedicated staff team, our Ambassadors and our professional Board of Directors including Leon Condon (Chair), Andrew Birch (Non Executive Director), Leanne Ralph (Non Executive Director), Jenny Moulder (Executive Director) and Vicki Condon (CEO).  Our Board is supported by our Patron’s Advisory Council, Chaired by David Gonski AC.

PHOTO BELOW:  (L-R) Mark Beretta (Ambassador), Jenny Moulder, Andrew Birch, Vicki Condon, Leon Condon, Shemara Wikramanayake, Leanne Ralph, David Gonski, Jean Kittson (Ambassador)

Raise Board, Patron, Ambassadors

David Gonski AC is an Australian public figure and prominent businessman. He is a leading philanthropist, is passionate about education and mentoring, and has advised the Government about education reforms.  David is often described as one of the country’s best-connected businessmen. Our Patron’s Advisory Council (PAC) meets quarterly with our Board with the purpose of giving guidance and direction on the most pressing issues we are working on in the Raise village.  Members of our PAC include David Gonski AC, Lisa Paul AO, Shemara Wikramanayake, Emma Flowers, and David Knowles.  We are very privileged to have such a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience guiding the growth and development of Raise Foundation.

PHOTO BELOW: (L-R) Lisa Paul AO, Emma Flowers, Jenny Moulder, Shemara Wikramanayake, David Knowles, David Gonski AC, Vicki Condon, Leon Condon

Raise Patrons Advisory Council

We are so fortunate to have the support of a number of well-known individuals who represent Raise in their roles as Ambassadors. These amazing people support everything Raise stands for and believe in the magic of mentoring. They are committed to making thriving communities by empowering young people in Australia to become resilient, capable and connected.

Our Partners

Raise is extremely grateful to the generous organisations who partner with us in our pursuit of inspiring young people through our mentoring programs.  We appreciate the offer of time, treasure or talent from our supporters.  This includes the schools we mentor in, the organisations who offer us services, the partners who provide in-kind and financial support for our programs, supporters who have donated to us, and the community organisations with whom we have built valuable collaborations. We sincerely thank all of our partners for their kind support and generosity.

Our Outcomes

Raise Foundation has now provided an accredited mentor for 4,499 young Australians, and we have trained 3,204 volunteers from the community to be professional youth mentors. In 2018 alone, we trained a further 810 new mentors and are providing mentoring to almost 1,100 young people across NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA.


Research shows that quality mentoring greatly increases a young person’s confidence and self-respect. For teenagers, mentoring greatly reduces the risk of mental health issues, drug and alcohol addiction, teenage pregnancy, juvenile justice issues, homelessness, and poverty in later life.  At Raise, we pride ourselves on having a number of differentiators which ensure the quality of the mentoring we provide to young people:


Highest Quality Mentor Training – Our accredited Mentor Training Program is run over 12 hours in partnership with TAFE Northern Sydney Institute, and is very comprehensive.

Evidence-Based Programs – Our program design is based on researched mentoring best practice including a requirement for consistent, frequent and long duration contact between the mentor and their mentee.

Qualified Mentor Support – Each of our mentoring programs is managed by a qualified Counsellor who supervises the mentoring match to maximise mentee safety as well as mentor skill development and provides case management support.

Comprehensive Evaluations – Raise Foundation’s programs work, and they make a significant impact on the lives of everyone involved. We conduct evaluation surveys at the commencement and the conclusion of each of our programs, thereby gauging improvement in the following areas of a mentee’s life:


Measure                                                                                                          Outcome

R esilience and relationships                               Tick     Statistically significant improvement
A sking trusted adults for help                             Tick     Statistically significant improvement
I ncreasing confidence and coping skills            Tick     Statistically significant improvement
S etting and achieving goals                                 Tick     Statistically significant improvement
E ducation engagement and hope for future     Tick     Statistically significant improvement


In addition to the above mentee-reported results for our programs, 100% of our schools requested the mentoring program return the following year and 94% of our schools say our program encouraged student engagement with the school, and helped to build individual and collective wellbeing at the School.  We are also achieving great results for our mentors with 98% of mentors saying they would recommend being a Raise Mentor to their friends, and 99% saying they are glad they mentored with Raise.


More of our key evaluation results are highlighted in our Annual Reports and Evaluation Reports each year.


Our 2017 Evaluation Report is available here

Our Social Impact Study by Ernst and Young, in November 2017, is available here

Our 2016 Annual Report is available here

Our 2015 Annual Report is available here

Our 2014 Annual Report is available here

Our 2013 Annual Report is available here

Our 2012 Annual Report is available here

Our 2011 Annual Report is available here

Our 2010 Annual Report is available here

Our 2009 Annual Report is available here


Privacy Statement

Raise Foundation is committed to protecting your privacy. All information provided to us will remain confidential and protected. We will never rent or sell your email address or personal information to others.


Corporate Governance

Raise is an Australian Proprietary Company, Limited by Shares, incorporated under relevant Corporations Law. The Trustee for Raise Foundation, a public benevolent institution, is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient and a Tax Concession Charity by the Australian Taxation Office. Raise Foundation is accountable to its donors and subject to a Constitution. It is governed by a volunteer board of community leaders representing a cross section of society.  Raise is registered on the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission at www.acnc.gov.au by using our ABN 49306288644.


Youth Safe, Youth Friendly

Raise Foundation is committed to being a Youth Safe, Youth Friendly organisation and will, for all children and young people who come into contact with its programs:

  • provide welcoming, safe and nurturing services for young people
  • work to prevent child abuse and neglect within our services
  • appropriately and immediately address child abuse and neglect if it occurs
  • place the interests of any young person suffering harm, or at risk of harm, above the interests of any other individual or the organisation



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Raise Foundation’s most recent Audited Accounts are available here.

Raise Foundation’s most recent Annual Report is available here.

Raise Foundation’s most recent Evaluation Report is available here.


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