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If you would like to raise your hand and get involved, we would be sincerely grateful to you for your support and generosity.   There are 3 ways you can get involved in the Raise village:


Time – Become a mentor. If you have time to give, all it takes is 2 hours a week for 6-12 months to become one of our mentors and work directly with a young person, and more information is available here.


Treasure – Partner with us and support the cost of matching young mentees with their mentors.  If you have treasure to give, engagement is at the heart of what we do so you can find out more about building a valued partnership with us.  Alternatively if you would prefer to make a donation directly you can do so by clicking on the link below. A gift to the value of $2,000 sponsors a mentor and a mentee to be a part of our program for a whole year, but smaller amounts are also very valuable to Raise, as well as large ongoing partnerships.  If you would like more information about partnering with raise, more information is available here.


Talent – There are other ways you can support us. If you have a talent to share, we’d love you to give us anything from a day to a week towards a special project of your choice.  If you would like to find out more about our in-kind projects and wish list, more information is available here.


Being a smaller non profit organisation means that any help you can provide to Raise Foundation will actually make a very real and tangible impact on our ability to reach the young people who really need help.  Your contribution will not get lost like in a big organisation, it will be highly valued and sincerely appreciated.  It takes a village to raise a child, and we would love you to become an important part of our village.





Partner with us

We are sincerely grateful to our current partners who support us in our endeavours to impact the lives of young people in our community who are looking for inspiration.  We cannot exist without the support of these organisations, and we are extremely humbled by their overwhelming generosity.

Whilst we are very proud of our achievements to date, we recognise that we are still only impacting a small percentage of youth in need of support.  In order to expand our impact Raise prefers to build partnerships rather than just ask for sponsorship and donations and we therefore look to organisations that operate in our communities, share our vision of improving outcomes for young people, and value the benefits employees can derive through engagement with Raise.


Employee Engagement

We strongly support our partner organisations to encourage their employees to mentor.  Mentoring opportunities range from weekly commitments over six months to one-day workshops conducted on your organisation’s premises.

The experience of mentor training and becoming a mentor with Raise can deliver positive outcomes for employees by increasing their confidence and skill as a mentor within the workplace, supporting positive personal relationships, enhancing connection and collaboration between colleagues and across different teams through shared giving, and pride in fostering a positive long term relationship between their organisation and the local community with which they are connecting first hand.

87% of our mentors say that things are different for them because of mentoring with Raise and 99% of our mentors would recommend being a Raise Mentor to friends.


Workplace Giving

For employees:  If you are looking for the simplest, most cost effective way to donate to Raise which will maximise the financial support we receive then please consider making a donation from your pre-tax pay through your workplace.  Click here to find out more

For employers:  If you are looking to support employees’ community spirit and engagement then workplace giving can be a simple and effective solution.  Click here to find out more


Types of Partnerships

We offer a number of valuable partnership opportunities including Principal Partnerships and Major Partnerships.  Please contact if you would like to find out more about these partnership opportunities.

Following are some of the other ways your organisation could partner with Raise:

  • Sponsor a Raise mentoring program for 10-15 mentoring matches
  • Sponsor an employee engagement partnership with Raise where your employees would mentor either in one of our six-month community programs or in one of our one-day, in-office programs and receive comprehensive mentor training in the office for your staff team
  • Become a sustaining partner in one of our key areas for growth which might be Technology, Process, People, Marketing

Being a smaller non profit organisation means that any help you can provide will make a very real and tangible impact on our ability to reach young people.


Your Treasure and Talent

If however, sharing your treasure or talent is your preferred way of partnering, we would love to hear about how you might be able to contribute to Raise and our initiatives.

Some organisations are able to give in the form of experiences or prizes for us to raffle or auction, meeting room space or conference facilities, and others have talents that they can share with us such as marketing, information technology, managing databases and the like.  All of these are sincerely appreciated at Raise and they do make a very big difference for us.

Click here if you would like to find out more about our in-kind wish list or contact for more information.



We like our partners to enjoy reciprocal benefits for supporting Raise which is why we encourage mentoring opportunities with all our partners be they corporate, philanthropic or community based.  In this way we can support their employees to feel connected to their workplace and know they are making a valuable contribution to their community through their employment.

We are also committed to reporting on the impact of our partners’ contributions including program updates and summaries as well as statistically robust evaluation and impact measurement.  We invite our major partners to connect with members of our Raise village and gain first hand experience of the joys and challenges of delivering best practice youth mentoring programs.

Where anonymity is not preferred, we offer substantial presence in our marketing materials, fundraising initiatives, and community events as well as assisting in raising your community profile and providing exposure to other partners in return for your generosity.

Being a Deductible Gift Recipient and a Tax Concession Charity means that a portion of your donation is a tax deduction for you.

Please contact us to discuss partnering opportunities further by emailing at any time convenient to you.  We would be very happy to come and speak to your staff or Board about potential ways we can work together.

In Kind Help

You may not be able to commit to a full year of mentoring in one of our weekly or monthly programs, but we have several other volunteer opportunities that you might like to get involved in.

  • Join our fun loving Events Team
  • Become our official photographer and/or videographer at monthly events
  • Coordinate special events with local organisations
  • Host a fundraising event on our behalf like a Raise High Tea, movie night, quiz night
  • Run a marathon and choose us as your preferred charity
  • Give the sponsorship of one of our matches as a birthday or wedding gift

Or whatever other ideas you might have ….  If you would like to talk to us further about any of these ideas, please contact us on as we always sincerely appreciate any help that you can provide for us.  Being a smaller non profit organisation, means that any help you can provide will make a very real and tangible impact on our ability to reach young people.

Raise Wish List

The following is our wish list of ways in which our community might be able to contribute to our organisation and support the needs of the young people with whom we work. Please contact us if you might be able to help out with any of the following.

  • Donation of 60 laptops or Ipads for our staff team so we don’t have to bring our own (old!) devices
  • A Graphic Designer willing to design our Annual Report for us
  • Providing morning teas or lunches for one of our weekly or monthly programs
  • Auction prizes for our fundraising events – such as our Sparkle Ball or Raise High Tea
  • People prepared to gather a group and enter the Upstream Walk in Melbourne in November



Please help us raise the funding we need to run our mentoring programs for struggling young Australians.  We have made 4,499 mentoring matches since our inception, including almost 1,100 matches in 2018 alone, but we need your help to raise the $2,000 per match it costs us to run the programs.


Easy ways to make a donation – Secure donations, which are fully tax deductible, as we have Tier 1 DGR Status, can be made in any of the following ways:


Secure Credit Card

PDF Donation Form


DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT : Account Westpac Bank | BSB 032 097 | Acct No 278 223


Young people in Australia are facing what industry experts are calling an epidemic in mental health issues like anxiety, depression, eating disorders and self harm. They are drinking and taking drugs more often and at an earlier age than previous generations. Their exposure to sexualisation happens when they are extremely young.

Without positive role models in their lives to really talk to, and be heard by, our young people can become lost. Without learning the skills they need to make a healthy and happy life for themselves, more young people are facing crisis.  You can help to engage and inspire our young people towards resilience, coping strategies, confidence, positive relationships, setting and achieving goals and engaging with education and employment.

We appreciate any donation of any amount that you can manage to make.  No donation is too small in an organisation like Raise, it all makes a significant impact.  Please note we are endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Taxation Office so your donations are all tax deductible, just let us know if you would like a receipt.

Thank you very much for your support. Your generous contribution really makes a huge tangible difference in an organisation like Raise Foundation and goes directly to providing neutral positive role models for struggling young Australians.


How your donation helps

Please remember:
$50 as a one off donation pays for catering at Ismo for a month
$125 as a one off donation pays for babysitting at one of our Bump workshops so the girls can study
$165 per month supports a mentor and mentee for a whole year in a Raise program
$2,000 supports a mentoring match for a whole year in a Raise program

Are you ready to mentor?

start helping young people in schools and in the community