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Raise impacts the wellbeing of young people in Australia by providing best practice youth mentoring programs.  Our programs provide a community of support around them. Mentoring from a positive role model provides a nurturing pathway for teenagers to feel supported through tough times, particularly if they feel they can’t talk to other significant adults in their lives. The power of having someone neutral to talk to, who really listens and actually hears you, is extraordinary. Mentors can change thinking and save lives.  With this in mind, we conduct five main mentoring programs as outlined below, and a series of workshops for young people.


Ismo is our “In School Mentoring Opportunity” for guys and girls in high school, mainly in years 7 to 10.  We offering weekly mentoring during school hours in terms 2 and 3, with a graduation celebration at the conclusion of the program.  Within the group of programs we run in high schools, we also run Youth Frontiers for the NSW Government Department of Families and Communities for students in years 8 and 9, and we also run our Career workshop for Year 11 students as they move into their final year of study.


Bump is for young mums under the age of 23 and includes weekly mentoring and a series of workshops during school hours in terms 2 and 3, with a gradaution celebration at the conclusion of the program.  The girls then have the opportunity to attend our Bump Up program which is a TAFE Certificate II in Skills for Work and Training, with the girls completing a small business management project, meeting on a weekly basis in school term time.




bubbleOur mentoring program for high school students is called “Ismo” (In School Mentoring Opportunity) and you can click to view our Ismo Program Summary or to download our Raise Ismo Flyer.  Ismo is run in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Geelong, Gold Coast, Bathurst, Orange, Young.

We have a qualified Program Counsellor for each of our Ismo programs who brings a group of our mentors into the school for an hour each week at a consistent time.  We facilitate one-on-one mentoring, followed by mentor support sessions. The mentoring is conducted in terms 2 and 3 and we conclude with a graduation celebration.  You can click for an overview of our Ismo Program Diagram which shows how the partnerships work.

All of our mentors complete our free TAFE accredited mentor training and they undergo a compulsory Working With Children Check, National Crime Check, and telephone interview.

Students are invited to attend the Ismo program by teachers who feel the student might benefit from having a neutral positive role model in their lives, and the students choose whether they would like to be involved. Their parents give consent for their son or daughter to attend the program.

The success of Ismo is the responsibility of our Program Counsellor, and they carry the majority of the administrative work in making sure the program runs smoothly, with some assistance from a staff member of the school. Ismo is complementary to the welfare team in the school and helps to provide a community of support around those students who could do with some extra support and inspiration.

If you would like more information about Ismo, or would like Raise to bring our mentoring program to your school, please contact us on info@raise.org.au to complete the Ismo School Partner Form and email it to us.

Youth Frontiers

youth-frontiersRaise Foundation successfully tendered with the NSW Government’s Department of Families and Communities to provide the Youth Frontiers contract in 26 electorates across NSW metro and regional areas.

As such, Raise is delivering Youth Frontiers across the Sydney metro area, along with Ismo programs in high schools in NSW.  We are also delivering Youth Frontiers in NSW regional areas including Bathurst, Orange, and Young.

Raise is working with local community organisations, high schools, MP’s and Councils in order to provide an outstanding youth mentoring program for 10-16 young people in each electorate, who are currently in Year 8 or 9.  Each mentee will work with their mentor to deliver a community project for their local community, which is a fabulous feature of the program.

We are thrilled that the NSW Government recognises the huge impact that a structured mentoring program can have on a young person’s life during the crucial teenage years, and that they are prepared to invest in Raise to deliver this very important contract.

You can read our Raise Youth Frontiers Flyer to learn more, and our outline of the Youth Frontiers Program Summary shows how the program is structured.  The Youth Frontiers Program Diagram outlines how our partnerships work, and the Youth Frontiers Program Curriculum Model explains the content of the program.

If you have any queries about the Youth Frontiers program, please email vicki.condon@raise.org.au for more information.


bubble2Our Career program is for students in Year 10 and over and provides extra support for them to complete Year 12 and enjoy life beyond school.  We offer mentoring from volunteers who work in the student’s career area of interest and workshops identifying potential areas of strength and interest.  The program has been developed over the past several years, and we now offer this program on an ongoing basis as a one day workshop in schools or corporate offices.

Our young people have innovation and entrepreneurial skills, abilities and ideas, however they may struggle to match these to career pathways without mentoring support.  By providing these students with direct real world experience we provide them with a clearer picture of work.  This helps them recognise the choices they have in life, increases their employability skills and helps them to make decisions about their future career.

Raise trains volunteers from our corporate partners in various industries in our 6-hour mentoring skills training course, and then we match mentors with students who have an interest in working in their area of expertise.  The program consists of a full one day workshop which assists the students to identify their learning style, personality type, career aspirations, and suitability for certain fields.  The mentee and mentor are matched to work together for the day to identify career goals and strategies and have a lot of fun.

The Career program has fabulous outcomes where young people are able to identify their areas of career interest, and thereby ensure they have chosen the right subjects for senior studies at School.  They also gain confidence that they can complete their higher education and move happily into a career of their choice after school finishes.

For more information about hosting or participating in a Career workshop, please email kim.huckerby@raise.org.au


bump)Our Bump mentoring program is for young pregnant and parenting girls aged between 13 and 23, and it is a fun way for the girls to meet other young mums, as well as have some much needed “me” time. Bump includes weekly mentoring and workshops with an experienced mum as a mentor at various locations on different days. View an outline of our Bump Program Diagram for more information and our Bump Curriculum Model to see the workshop topics are covered.

In 2018 we are running 6 Bump programs across 3 States.  All young mums are invited to come to our workshops to check out the program and meet some new friends, or catch up with old ones. Please email us at info@raise.org.au to register your interest for our next workshop, or make direct contact with our Program Coordinator for the location you would like more information about:

Narrabeen, NSW – sarah.herriot@raise.org.au
Parramatta, NSW kate.graham@raise.org.au
Newcastle, NSW sally.gray@raise.org.au
Noble Park, VIC – lauren.wills@raise.org.au
Geelong, VIC – jo.ridgeway@raise.org.au
Woodridge, QLD veronica.lister@raise.org.au


How Does Bump Work?

Young mums meet with their mentor each week in school term time for a catch up. Our mentors are experienced mums that young mums can chat to about anything at all, have some time out with, and ask questions of. They are not just another older woman telling the girls what to do. They are someone on the girls’ side who is interested only in supporting young mums and encouraging them. They won’t give advice unless they are asked for it.

The girls and mentors also complete workshops together which provide a great support network, as the girls can meet other young mums in their area. Mentor matches can be made at any time during the year. We celebrate the conclusion of the program with a fantastic graduation celebration in September where all the girls and their mentors come together and celebrate their achievements.

All of our mentors complete our free TAFE accredited mentor training course, and they complete a compulsory Working With Children Check, National Crime Check, and have a telephone interview.

Young mums can refer themselves to the program, or they can be invited to attend by community workers who feel they might benefit from having a neutral positive role model in their lives. The young mums choose whether they would like to be involved, and then an application form is completed. The program is completely free for young mums. Raise works closely with social workers, midwives, youth workers, caseworkers and community organisations who make referrals to our program.

If you would like to be part of the Bump mentoring program, or would like to refer a young mum to us, please contact us at info@raise.org.au or download a Bump Mentee Application Form now.  If you would like a Bump Girls Brochure please feel free to download one, or email us and we will post you some hard copies.

Bump Graduates celebrate at Noble Park in Victoria

Bump Up


Bump Up is an advanced course for graduates of our Bump mentoring program for young pregnant and parenting mums.  Bump graduates are eligible to enrol in Bump Up, which is held weekly for three terms. Enrolling through TAFE, the girls complete a Certificate II in Skills for Work and Training and conduct a small business management project together.

In 2017, Bump Up was conducted in Geelong in Victoria, and also in North Sydney in NSW, and they completed a pack for school students about teenage pregnancy, and also a short film.  In 2016, we conducted Bump Up with a group of girls in Broadmeadows in Melbourne who had graduated from Bump.  The girls’ small business project was to write and produce a song which shares their experience, which was fabulous.

In 2015, we had a group of girls in Sydney and a group of girls in Melbourne who worked together to produce an extraordinary Cookbook, sharing recipes across generations of women.  In 2014, our group girls built a blog and social media presence especially for young mums called Young Mums Australia, which now has hundreds of followers.

In 2013, our group of Bump Up girls produced a short film about teenage pregnancy.  Their idea was to conduct fundraising events using the film about the reality of being a young mum which was highly successful.  In 2012, our young mums wrote and published a heartfelt book about young motherhood called The Purple Book.  It is heartwarming, inspiring, shocking, and surprising, and it is a great read for teenagers, parents, young mums and anyone who is prepared to have the stereotype of teenage mums challenged.

Along with this, the girls wrote a workshop based on the book for presentation in high schools all about what it is really like to fall pregnant as a teenager and become a young mum.  The workshop is called Pash – Positive Adolescent Sexual Health – and it is engaging, interactive, inspiring, educational, touching and challenging.  It is a great complement to the sex education classes already run in schools, but gives a relatable insight for young people with practical advice and examples.

For further enquiries about the Bump Up program, to host an event with the girls, purchase a copy of The Purple Book or the Cookbook, or to make a booking for the Pash Workshop, please send an email to kim.huckerby@raise.org.au for more information.




Raise conducts personal development workshops for young people in School, TAFE, or community organisations, and as an integral part of our mentoring programs. We also partner with other mentoring organisations by conducting training programs for them and their potential mentors or mentees.  You can look at our Raise Workshop Menu to see a comprehensive list of all the workshops we can offer your school or organisation, and if you would like to confirm a workshop, please complete our Raise Workshop Booking Form and email it to us on info@raise.org.au as soon as possible.


Personal Development Workshops

Our personal development workshops provide young people with the right resources at an early stage so they are prepared for life, and their life chances are greatly enhanced. We use interactive workshops, open discussion, music, technology, and fun activities in a positive learning environment. The content of our workshops is complementary to curriculum guidelines. We provide learning from neutral, skilled, experienced professionals who are passionate about the topics they are teaching. We can come at issues from a range of angles because we are neutral from the perspective of teachers and parents. The students don’t have to see us all the time, so they can use honesty and they appreciate anonymity.  Our workshops can be conducted as single modules of one or two hours, or they can be conducted as a “big day in” for a whole day session.

Raise recently conducted a workshop for Ravenswood School for Girls as part of their Mind Body and Soul day for their whole group of Year 8 students.  The workshop was a huge success, with parents even writing to the school stating “my daughter arrived home from school today full of enthusiasm for the day she had just had at Mind, Body and Soul. Her initial comment was that she has completely changed her mind on so many body image issues thanks to the fun and interactive presentations.” Another parent also wrote “my daughter said it was such a great day and all the activities were lots of fun as well as interesting.  She especially enjoyed the talk about facebook, image and feminism, saying that the presenters were really different and clever how they got the message across.”


Mentor Training for Community and Corporate Partners

Our training programs for community and corporate partners can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the organisation. Obviously, we specialise in training mentors and conducting core modules around mentoring and leadership, but we are also flexible to conducting other specialist topics of interest regarding adolescents. We also run regular seminars for parents of teenagers.

In the past, we have conducted training workshops for YWCA NSW In School Mentoring Program through Big Brother Big Sister, and staff from various organisations have completed our mentor training such as Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Sydney Distance Education High School, YWCA, and other community organisations.

We have run mentor training for many  major corporate partners including Macquarie, Coca-Cola, Zurich, MYOB, NAB, Bupa, Ernst and Young, Pandora, Fossil, and Atlassian.  The skills learned in our Mentor Training courses can be used professionally in an established mentoring program, as well as being tangible skills for utilising in every day situations in the workplace, in the home and in the community.

You can look at our Raise Workshop Menu to see a comprehensive list of all the workshops we can offer your school or organisation or email us at info@raise.org.au for bookings or further clarification.

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