A force of nature with a sparkling smile

In celebration of Julie’s life and passion, her friends, family and colleagues helped to fund Raise mentoring programs and provide the gift of a mentor to 20 young people in 2021. In addition, her husband Wayne, sister Karen and some of Julie’s friends participated in Raise programs as mentors in 2021...

Julie built communities. She brought together family, friends, colleagues and often others who just came into her orbit. She believed that with a solid foundation, you can take chances and shoot for the stars, knowing you would always be supported and loved, no matter what. She encouraged mutual participation in conversations, taking responsibility for your own actions and striving for best outcomes.

Julie understood that our future was in the hands of our children and young adults and wanted to help them become better. She was a Wish Granter at Starlight, a volunteer at the largely indigenous Waterloo primary school and a board director at Barnardos, one of Australia’s largest ‘Children in Danger’ organisations.

She was a mentor to her own children, nieces and nephews and to many others – always asking questions, listening intently, being open to ideas and encouraging solutions that were right for their own situation. Her strategic mind and sharp focus guided and influenced but you always knew she had their best interests at heart. Julie had a unique ability to make those she came into contact with feel special, strong and capable.

Wayne and Karen shared:

"We both felt that funding a program that helped children face their challenges in life was important, but the opportunity to actually participate in these programs was something that we didn’t expect."



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