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Since 2008 we have delivered over 1,000 early intervention, evidence based youth mentoring programs in secondary schools, in 7 states and territories across Australia.

At Raise, we've recruited, screened and trained over 8,800 volunteers to become youth mentors before matching them with students who would benefit most from having a caring, trusted adult who shows up for them each week of the 6 month program.

Every program is managed by our qualified Program Counsellors who oversee the smooth, safe and successful delivery of our programs. Working together with our school partners, we've been able to support over 13,500 young people in years 7-9.


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Raise youth mentoring
program endorsements

We're delighted to announce that the Raise youth mentoring program has been endorsed by the NSW and South Australian Departments of Education.


NSW Student Wellbeing External Programs Catalogue

Raise Foundation's Raise Youth Mentoring Program is available as a quality-assured program in the NSW Department of Education’s Student Wellbeing external programs catalogue in the theme of Resilience.

(NSW Education staff-only catalogue access here).

NSW Education - Supporting Students' Wellbeing - Quality Assured External ProgramNSW Education Quality Assured Seal


SA External Wellbeing Programs Directory

We are an endorsed program on the South Australian Department for Education External Wellbeing Programs Directory.

Government of South Australia - Department for Education logo



The Raise difference

  • Safe and supervised

    Mentors are screened and comprehensively trained in youth safety, with programs fully supervised by qualified professional counsellors who follow the strictest code of conduct.

  • Dedicated support

    The program enables one-to-one support with the same mentor each week throughout the program, providing an individual solution that’s focused on the concerns and needs of each student. 

  •   Trained mentors

    Our mentors are equipped upfront with the skills they need via our industry leading training. Our qualified program counsellors also provide ongoing support and training every week of the program to every mentor.

  •   Wellbeing capacity

    An effective way to extend and scale the capacity of a school wellbeing team, supporting a group of up to 15 students who see real improvement through one-to-one mentoring.

  • Curriculum based

    The Raise Youth Mentoring Program curriculum is designed to enable students to develop and build skills over time that will directly benefit them now and in the future.

  •   Research driven

    With a solid evidence base and robust evaluation, we have designed a program that works. Using data and insights we continually improve it each and every year.

Research, evaluation and outcomes

The research shows us that young people who are mentored have lower levels of depression, higher sense of wellbeing, know where to go for support, are more likely to find employment and more able to find and get onto their chosen life path.

Supporting mental health and social and emotional wellbeing, our programs develop skills and achieve positive outcomes across four areas; resilience, hope for the future, school belonging and help-seeking skills. We believe the ability and confidence to ask for help is critical to ensure that young people can cope when they find themselves in a difficult situation by themselves.

Our evaluation process   Our outcomes


Our evaluation process 
Our outcomes


We're used to dealing with a diverse range of issues

The common issues that Raise mentees experience are:

  • Anxiety


  • Bullying


  • Depression


  • Financial hardship


  • Disordered eating


The good news is that 76% of mentees said that the program helps them cope with these issues.


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