Why mentoring
and why me?

Many of the world’s most successful people had mentors along the way….


  • Ash Barty

    Ash Barty credits her mentor Ben Crowe with helping her change her mindset to become the world’s no. 1 tennis player. “Ben has become a massive part of my team, helping me with my mental application and changing my perspective of things in both life and in sport."

  • Michael Jordan

    Talking about Dean Smith, Michael said, “Other than my parents, no one had a bigger influence on my life than Coach Smith. He was more than a coach — he was my mentor, my teacher, my second father. Coach was always there for me whenever I needed him and I loved him for it. In teaching me the game of basketball, he taught me about life."

  • Adele

    Adele was recently, famously reunited with her inspirational mentor, a teacher from when she was 12. On stage she said about her, “She really made us care and we knew that she cared about us." Before telling Miss McDonald, “You really did change my life.”

Everyone can benefit from having a mentor, someone who is 100% on your side, on your team and there just for you. The impact of a mentor can be life-changing.

That’s why if you are selected for this program, it’s because the school think you have potential to really benefit from having a mentor. 


7 ways a mentor can support you

  • By simply listening to you when you want to be heard

  • By not being judgey, and keeping your conversations private

  • By exploring your strengths and discovering what is awesome about you

  • By talking through problems when life gets complicated

  • By finding new ways to cope when life gets tricky

  • By caring about you and what matters to you

  • By helping you figure out where you're headed

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