Training format and content

All major corporate partners receive an opportunity for their teams to complete the Raise Course in Mentoring. We can also offer a Youth Wellbeing and Mentoring Skills Training which is 3 hours on-site at your workplace or 2.5 hours online.  We have a training room in our Sydney CBD office where we can hold training sessions for groups of up to 30 people.


  • Communications skills

    Effective communication forms the basis of successful relationships. Participants will learn about active listening, questioning techniques, interpersonal skills as well as the power of silence and empathy.

  • Explore mental health

    With mentees in our program self-reporting issues with their mental health, it’s important to understand how anxiety, depression, self-harm, disordered eating and other mental illnesses impact young people.

  • Emerging issues in youth

    It’s a whole new world for teens and we let you in on the current role of social media, bullying, stages of adolescent development, and understanding youth culture as well as issues impacting young people due to COVID-19.

  • Fixed vs growth mindset

    A growth mindset breeds positivity and the ability to embrace challenges. We'll cover developing conversational leadership tools to change the focus of how we praise and understand determination and effort.

Want to know more?

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